About SOLVO GmbH

Successful for more than ten years.

Solvo GmbH was founded in 2012 by its owner Dipl.-Ing. Norman Perner with the aim to develop innovative technical solutions and bring them to market. Since then, Solvo can look back on a series of successful projects in different subject areas. The topics range from tidal current and river turbines, to underwater electrical connectors with self-healing polymers and offshore wind energy, to innovative actuators with shape memory metals.

CEO Norman Perner

Dipl. Ing. Norman Perner

Professional career

  • Mechanical Engineering (University of Kaiserslautern; Germany)
2001 to 2005: Development engineer at Siemens Automation and Drives | Large Drives AG in Nuremberg


  • Slip ring systems for wind turbines in cooperation with a supplier
  • 1.7 MW double-fed induction generator
  • Wind power platform for the power range 1.5 to 2.0 MW
2005 to 2012: Employed at Voith GmbH; last position: Technical Director at VHHC; Voith Hydro Ocean Current Technologies GmbH & Co. KG in Heidenheim; Germany

Concept development of a hydrokinetic river turbine (2005)

  • Engineering, construction of a model with validation tests in the flow tank

Development of tidal flow turbines

  • Development manager for the first 110 kW tidal flow turbine
  • Development of innovative seawater-lubricated plain bearings avoiding dynamic seals and oil in the tidal turbine
  • Initiation and development support of a direct driven encapsulated permanent magnet generator with Loher (Siemens company)
  • Manufacture and assembly of the 110 kW tidal turbine
  • Successful installation and commissioning of the 110 kW tidal turbine on the Hajodo Islands in South Korea in 2009
  • Technical director in the development of a 1 MW tidal turbine prototype. Installed and successfully tested in 2013 at a test site of the European Marine Energy Center (EMEC) Ltd; UK.
  • Numerous international patent applications for tidal power and related technologies.

Wave Energy

  • Consultant in the field of wave energy
  • Design reviews and technology assessment
  • Workshops
2012 until today: CEO of Solvo GmbH in Berlin; Germany

Wolfgang Tzschorn
Development Engineer

Wolfgang Tzschorn

Professional career


  • Mechanical engineering with a focus on renewable energies (Beuth-Hochschule Berlin)
  • Final thesis: Design and implementation of the heating/cooling circuit of a pressurised test tank

R&D projects in the field of shape memory metal actuators

  • Electrical clamping system for machining centres
  • Electrical clamping system for use in robotics
  • Electrical safety brake
  • Product development in the field of garden and landscape maintenance/h6>

Design and implementation of test equipment

  • Endurance test rig
  • Tensile test rig

Other activities

  • Product development Logistics tools
  • Product development in the field of bonding processes
  • Feasibility studies in the field of adaptive medical devices


  • Problem-solving methodologies
  • Shape memory metal actuator design
  • Circuit and PCB design
  • Firmware development
  • Development and production of prototypes, samples and test stands
2016 until today: Development engineer at Solvo GmbH in Berlin

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